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For Your Child’s Sake: Time Sharing And Support

As part of your divorce or as a result of a single-parenting situation, you will naturally want to preserve your parental rights and pursue a custody plan that works. You and the other parent may not agree on many things, but ideally, you share a desire to watch out for your child’s welfare.

Determining time-sharing arrangements (which is called custody and visitation in some states) and understanding child support obligations is critical for both parents. You need reliable, customized legal advice regardless of which side of the co-parenting equation you are on, as follows:

  • Whether or not your child will live with you most of the time
  • Whether you will likely pay or receive child support

At The Law Office of Ryan Mitchell, PLLC, you can work closely and directly with an experienced Orlando family law attorney. With more than 20 years of combined experience, our lawyers know how to zero in on the essentials and guide you toward a resolution that will help protect your parent-child relationship.

Things To Consider As Custody Is Being Decided

You and the other parent may arrive at a proposed time-sharing arrangement or a family law judge may issue a court order. Working it out between the two of you is preferable. A time-sharing arrangement (custody plan) may need to change as family circumstances change over time. Examples are as follows:

  • Your child’s involvement in the community may increase during teenage years
  • A high-schooler may need to stay longer at one location because of extracurricular activities or part-time work rather than alternate at shorter intervals between parents’ households.
  • Your job schedule may change dramatically, making it difficult to stick to the original co-parenting schedule.

If changes are significant and beyond your control, you may need to petition the court for a modification of your time-sharing arrangement.

Understand Support

Your child support order, on the other hand, is not normally up for debate. The court will determine the amount that you will pay or receive, based on factors such as each parent’s income.

A skilled attorney can help ensure that the other parent is reporting their income accurately and, if necessary, justify deviations from the standard support schedule.

Get Timely Advice

You may need to act quickly if the other parent has petitioned for a new or modified time-sharing and/or child support order. We also help when enforcement is a problem.

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