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What is Florida doing to enhance road safety in the state?

On Behalf of | May 26, 2023 | Personal Injury

Florida is a hot destination for vacationers and an increasingly popular location for people to live and work. Orlando is particularly enticing with its tourist attractions. With that, there is an increase in traffic on the state roads. Throughout the Sunshine State, auto accidents are on the rise to a worrisome degree.

Legislators, regulatory agencies, law enforcement and people who use the roads are understandably concerned about the possibility of an auto accident. Since they can cause serious injuries and death, trying to avoid them is a wise strategy. Knowing what to look for can help. In addition, the state is in the process of initiating awareness campaigns to try and reduce their frequency.

Despite that, accidents are bound to occur and it is imperative to know what can be done to ensure those who have been impacted will make a full recovery. That includes personally, professionally and financially. It is useful to know the value of professional assistance in these situations.

Florida’s “Share the Road” campaign is meant to educate and enlighten

Several state entities including the Florida Department of Transportation, Florida Highway Patrol and Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles are imploring drivers to “Share the Road” in May. This is the name of a campaign that is meant to show drivers the dangers they face and consequences for their actions.

A growing number of people are flouting the basics of traffic safety. That may include driving distracted, speeding, being reckless, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and other misbehaviors. Statistically, all methods of transportation leave people at risk for various reasons.

Motorcyclists are prominent in Florida. In 2022, there were more than 9,000 motorcycle accidents. Of those nearly 600 people lost their lives and just over 2,000 suffered injuries. It is important to note that May was in the top third for motorcycle accidents for the entire year.

Even those who decide to shun a motor vehicle are at risk. That includes bicyclists and pedestrians. Bicyclists had more than 7,100 accidents in 2022. In those collisions, 211 people were killed and 800 injured. Pedestrians had more than 10,000 accidents in 2022. There were nearly 1,400 serious injuries and 765 fatalities. Many accidents involve commercial vehicles, but any vehicle has the potential of causing a crash, frequently based on what the driver was doing.

Know the value of experienced help after being in an auto accident

Hopefully, “Share the Road” will be beneficial for road safety. Still, it is hard to envision a world where auto crashes are stopped entirely. When there is an auto accident, having local help can make a world of difference to know what strategies to take when considering a claim.

Since Orlando is where Disney World, Universal Studios and other attractions are located, accidents can happen to people who live in the state or are simply visiting with their family and friends. Discussing their situation with local professionals who are experienced, caring and knowledgeable can be key.

People’s lives can be upended in an instant when there is a crash. Suddenly, there is a long hospital stay, the need for rehabilitative care, an inability to work, being unable to contribute to a family and more. When there is a fatality, these problems are exacerbated with the family wondering what they will do to move on.

Gathering fundamental information is imperative from the start. That includes knowing the value of a case; how much treatment they will need; when to seek that treatment; having realistic expectations; addressing understated challenges like their emotional well-being; what not to do on social media and more. Having assistance is vital and this should be one of the first steps taken after a motor vehicle accident of any kind.