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Can I remain cordial with my ex for the sake of the children?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2022 | Firm News

Family law cases can be draining in a multitude of ways. For Florida residents who are going through a divorce, it is easy to focus on the negative and let the case degenerate into a back and forth of accusations and acrimony. Frequently, hard feelings will linger. If there are children involved, it is imperative to take their needs into account. Part of that is to ensure there is a reasonable parenting plan. Although the parents might not see eye to eye, the child should be a primary focus when crafting a plan. Part of that is ensuring that the parents can communicate, behave rationally and not place the kids in the middle of their troubled relationship.

The law is clear regarding a parenting plan

In Florida, the parenting plan template will be based on state law. The most basic consideration is the best interests of the child. Apart from unfortunate situations in which there are allegations of neglect or abuse, that generally means that both parents will have time with the child. For parents who are not on good terms, it can be hard to put that to the side for the children’s sake, but it is possible and important to do so.

The law will consider various factors. One of the primary considerations is each parents’ capability to foster a positive relationship between the child and the other parent. That includes avoiding negative talk about the other parent; not trying to sabotage the relationship; adhering to the plan and more. There will be a time-sharing schedule and following it is key. Of course, as with any relationship, challenges will arise. Perhaps a parent needs to go away on business and needs to swap the days they will have the child. There could be a temptation to be difficult about it, but it might smooth the waters if good faith discussions are held and a solution is reached.

The parents need to think about the child. That means providing stable, safe and nurturing environments at home, at school and with extracurricular activities. Another area of the parenting plan that could present complications is where the parents live. Travel could be problematic. The Sunshine State is vast and people might move to different areas. But parents who place the child’s needs first and foremost will strive to find a viable strategy. Even in cases where the parents are experiencing personal problems of their own and there are questions about health and moral fitness, there can be a middle ground to keep the child safe, have sufficient parenting time and maintain a cordial relationship.

Parents must be protected, especially in contentious parental relationships

Some family law cases are easier than others. Often, parents are friendly but decided to divorce because they were no longer interested in a romantic relationship and wanted to move on. They can be amicable and look at the child’s needs when forging a parenting plan and stick to it. In others, it is not so easy. Even in situations where there is negativity between the parents, the case can be worked out and relatively stable custody and parenting time agreement will be adhered to. Still, parents need to be protected, especially when they are butting heads with the other parent. From the start, it is useful to have professional, experienced and knowledgeable guidance to deal with these worrisome issues.