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Orlando’s hotels, resorts may be liable for guest’s injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Personal Injury

The economy of the Orlando area depends heavily on hotels, resorts, and other attractions and popular hangouts for tourists.

While of course this is generally a good thing for the community, the reality is that people, tourists and residents of Central Florida alike, can and often do get hurt at these facilities.

Hotels, for example, are large facilities with many different hazards. In addition to more common hazards like wet entryways, elevators and escalators, hotels often frequently have facilities like pools and workout rooms where people can easily get hurt by unsafe conditions.

Although people might not think of it immediately, hotels also could attract criminals who suspect people may be vulnerable while carrying around valuables.

Even more so than hotels, the area’s large resorts and entertainment complexes also offer a range of ways in which visitors can hurt themselves or get sick.

Like other businesses, Florida hotels and resorts have an obligation to take reasonable steps to prevent injuries on their properties. If they fail in this obligation, victims may be able to recover compensation for injuries.

Even workers at hotels and tourist hot spots may be able to recover compensation

Although it is not true in every case, those who work at hotels, resorts and other popular tourist locations may be able to recover compensation if injured while they are on the job.

For example, while employees of a hotel or resort may have to rely on workers’ compensation benefits after an on-the-job injury, workers from other companies who come onto a hotel or resort’s property to do a job may be able to sue over dangerous conditions at the hotel or resort.

Everyone who has been injured at one of Orlando’s many tourist locations should evaluate their legal options carefully.