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Auto accidents due to distracted driving a problem in Florida

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2021 | Personal Injury

In Orlando and throughout Florida, it seems that everyone is constantly using a handheld device – even behind the wheel of an automobile. Distracted driving is one of the most common ways in which auto accidents happen. While safety advocates, legislators, law enforcement and insurers try to find solutions, it might be getting worse. Recent research suggests that an overwhelming majority of drivers confess to using their smartphone in one way or another while driving. After a collision with injuries and fatalities, it is important to factor in the possibility that a driver was distracted when determining what steps to take.

Studies and anecdotal evidence highlight frequency of distracted driving

Recently, State Farm, AAA and Zendrive all conducted studies into distracted driving. The results were troubling. State Farm discovered that while nearly all drivers – 90% – said they were aware of the dangers of reading emails when driving, almost one in three said they did it anyway. AAA’s results were similar with at least 30% saying they read on their phone while driving. Zendrive studied auto accidents and found that more than 50% were linked to smartphone use.

Regarding anecdotal evidence, a spokesperson for AAA said that he and his wife had been in a rear-end accident with a distracted driver as they were at a stop sign. In that incident, the driver was not texting, reading emails or using the web. Instead, the distraction came from checking GPS. This too is a growing form of distraction. Teens are especially vulnerable to multiple forms of distraction. According to the Florida Teen Safe Driving Coalition, passengers can remove a teen driver’s focus from the road and cause a crash.

Knowing how to proceed after motor vehicle accidents may require assistance

Because this is happening so often, a person who is simply going to work, school, running errands or is out and about as a pedestrian or bicyclist can be in an auto accident and face life-changing ramifications. It can even lead to a fatality. The financial, personal and emotional consequences are extensive. Insurers might sound helpful and caring when they are investigating the case, but that does not mean they will make a fair offer to cover for all that was lost. The entire case must be scrutinized from the perspective of the injured person or the loved ones left behind. This includes assessing if distraction was a factor. From the beginning, it is imperative to have professional guidance with how to proceed. Consulting with those experienced in personal injury is key.